BNW Childrens Portraits

Sometimes you can plan a shoot for days. Hoping to get the best BNW childrens portraits you have ever captured.

It hardly ever pans out the way you wanted though. Most of the best BNW childrens portrait photographs I have captured have been at a time that I was least expecting to.

Whislt camping in Holland, my eldest, Felix, was being his usual pain the backside, delightful little bundle of joy, and he ended up on the naughty step.

I noticed the light looked interesting the way it was bouncing off the gazebo wall, so I whipped out the camera quickly and managed to get the below shots of him. Whilst trying to tell him he shouldn’t really be attacking his brother!

Moga Photography

Moga Photography BNW

Childrens portrait Moga Photography

I really love these few BNW childrens portrait photos I managed to get at the least likely of times.

thats why I prefer candid BNW portraits especially of children as too much posing never looks natural.

BNW childrens portrait photographs made with Nikon D800 and 24-120mm F4.


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